My work is inspired by the abundant sunlight and dramatic vistas of Colorado. I have always been interested in looking closely at nature and find that the vast areas of wilderness in the West allow for a deeper pondering and contemplation of the ethereal qualities of the natural world -- the rich colors of the land, the geometry of plants, the patterns of dappled light through trees. My work is a link to nature in a society often surrounded by an urban environment. Studies have found what I have always felt to be true – that immersion in the natural world brings peace, joy, the ability to meet life’s challenges with a positive attitude and to see the interconnectedness of all things. Nature offers a rich complexity of ever changing patterns that appeal directly to aspects of our human consciousness.

I am interested in simulating the changing light in nature and the transcendent experiences light creates. I use a variety of translucent materials that bend and refract, obscure and reveal, diffusing light in various ways. Many of the colors you see are the result of seeing one color through another. As the light surrounding the work changes throughout the day, the work will change as well. I think this constant change is a beautiful metaphor for life.